Identification Resources
*** Identification   @ In depth information
# Send photographs for ID
@ Biodiversity Historical sources

MDC Field Guides 
Plant and Animal ID websites
Animal Diversity Web @

Insect Identification Send for ID # ***
How to use Bigguide
Bi-State Bugs - Missouri and Illinois# send for ID# Classes and Description **
Insect Dichotomous Key
Entomology- class and order @ Photo directory

Ant ID Key
Bee Guide- (PDF download)
Beetle Key
Odonata Photo Guide
Odonate Visual Key
Insects, nematodes, arachnids @
Ant Families of North America
Katydids and Crickets

Butterflies and Moths
Butterflies and Moths of North America ***
Moth Photographers Photo ID ***
ID by Shape and color ***
Host Plants by BF Species
Caterpillars- ID Nature ***

@Spider Identification by color
Brown Recluse resource
Spider general information @

Centipedes and Millipedes
Millipedes Key
Slugs and Snails
Snails & Slugs identification
Discover Life Snail key

Allaboutbirds- Cornell ***
Audubon Guide ***
Dendroica (Bird Calls)
Bird call mnemonics memory tricks
Bird Egg Pictures
Bird Nest ID
Herps- Amphibians and Reptiles
Amphibians and Reptiles-
 Herps of Iowa- photos ***
Herp Photographs- MO***
Amphibian Web ***
Frog Calls***

Native Plant Finder@
USDA Plant Fact Sheets @
Plant Anatomy Illustration @
Plant anatomy and terms @ PDF
Edible Wild Plants
Insect-plant associations
Butterflies, Pollination and Gardening
Bryophytes - Moss and Liverworts

Wildflowers @@
ID by color, shape **
Wildflower ID
US Wildflowers
Missouri recommended native plants
Kansas Wildflowers and Grasses

ID, Facts and Photos @ **
Winter tree ID
Tree Leaf Key- Illustrated
Identification Keys VTech
Bud terms
Bud Families A-F
Bud Families G-Z
Bud Photographs
Tree Bark ID
Plant Galls @
Galls with photos@

Invasive species
Plant and Animal @ ***
Mushroom ID Key *** @
Fungi on Wood
Garden Pests
Plant pests and Diseases
MOBot Garden Pests

Geology Timeline
100 million years of Missouri history
Burlington Limestone, Mississippian
Atlas of MO Ecoregions- (download PDF)
Overview of Lichen
Student resources
Wikipedia for kids