Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Amphibians and Reptiles

Tomorrow night is the training session on Amphibians and Reptiles and I decided to "get a jump on it" by sending out this National Geographic video showing how frogs jump so far.   Researchers have recently shown that frogs have the ability to stretch their muscles before actually jumping, essentially making them temporarily longer and more powerful.  This enables some bullfrogs to jump 7 feet, over 10 times their length.
In another National Geographic video there is evidence that male frogs intimidate the competing males by shaking their bootie at them.  While entertaining to us, it apparently is either frightening or disgusting to their opponent, encouraging them to use those stretched muscles to get away.
While it is too hot and sultry now to sit out in the early evening and hear the chorus, you can hear their chorus in air conditioning at this MDC site.

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