Friday, October 29, 2010

Carp Fear

From News-Leader
An interesting story on Asian Carp is in today's News Leader.  The U.S. Geological Survey's Columbia Environmental Research Center in Columbia, Missouri is studying a pheromone which causes alarm in carp, hoping to use it in selected places to drive carp away.  This would have potential value in breeding areas or in channels such as the Chicago canal to deter carp from moving up stream.
"The researchers have evaluated the effectiveness of using alarm pheromones or "schreckstoff" to control Asian carp.  In experiments, Calfee has taken a live carp and made incisions with a scalpel to simulate the attack of a predator.  She then lets the fish sit in a tub of water for a short time and then extracts the water to release it into the tank.  She said the response is almost immediate: The carp will exhibit heightened swimming in a school formation and attempt to quickly escape."
This is of interest in Missouri where carp are threatening native river species and have caused injuries during jumps out of the water (see this dramatic video).  This invasive species was introduced from eastern Asia into sewage treatment lagoons and for aquaculture.  They are now living freely in 18 states.  If they also get into our lakes they could have a serious impact on crappie and walleye populations.

You can read more at this Link.

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