Thursday, November 18, 2010

This from Bob Ranney
 On January 22, the MO League of Conservation Voters will hold an open conference on conservation related legislative issues to be faced in Missouri over the next year.  The meeting will be on the MU campus in Columbia.  Participants will have access to a wide range of presentations, but also must select a breakout session they want to attend.  The subjects include:
    • Citizen Advocacy
    • Climate Change
    • Energy and Green Building
    • The Green Economy/Jobs
    • Public Land Use
    • Solid Waste Reduction
    • Sustainable Agriculture
    • Transportation and Land Use
    • Water/Floodplain development
This should be a very informative conference that will bring us up to date on issues of concern to all conservation oriented Missourians.  Because the emphasis here is on legislative action, we can’t go as representatives of our chapter, but it would be great if a group of us could go together.
For more information go to this web site.

To sign up for carpool, call Bob Ranney at 417-379-1757 or email

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