Monday, May 30, 2011

A Real Head Scratcher

Click to Enlarge
Modern technology has produced outstanding photographs of planets, stars and galaxies but some of the most fascinating images come from the other end of the spectrum.  A book called Microcosmos, created by Brandon Brill is filled with electron microscope pictures of everything from insects to common everyday items.  Many are hard to guess like the picture at the right, a real head scratcher.  Make a guess.

Twenty of these amazing electron microscopic pictures are at  Another adventure into the world of small is the microscopic sculpture of art of Walter Wiggan.  How big is big and small is small?  An interesting site of comparison is at Scale_of_Universe.

Oh---about the picture above--- that is a human head louse clinging to a hair.


  1. Excellent movies, I really like it, thanks for sharing it is amazing

  2. this is one of the most annoying parasite in this world, but we are not talking about parasites, defintely the high definition in pictures like this, has opened a new world to our eyes, excellent images man.