Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Our Hero

Jay Barber and friend
Much as I love to pick on our beloved leader, Jay Barber, "I have come to praise him, not to bury him" with the usual wisecracks.  MDC has given him the well deserved Outreach and Education Division Award of Excellence. 

While the award acknowledges his inspiration and dedication in growing our outstanding Springfield Plateau Chapter of Missouri Master Naturalists, it also recognizes his many other achievements, accomplished when he isn't busy dragging us along to success.
  • Incorporated Discover Nature Schools in Springfield, involving 68 teachers in 34 schools leading to teaching Nature Unleashed to nearly 1,200 fourth grade students.
  • Worked with MSU to develop an emphasis educational program, instructing pre-service teachers in Discover Nature Schools with MDC staff becoming adjunct professors.
  • Helped develop the Hickory Hills School native plantings to accompany their LEED Certified building.
  • Led teacher training programs during the regional Environ-thons.
We appreciate Jay's efforts in developing the trunk education programs which we now take  to area classrooms as well as the inspiration he gives us all.  Given his contributions, it is only fitting that he was awarded the front half of the animal.  In recognition of his work and this award, I propose that we call a moratorium on wise cracks and jokes at his expense until the start of the June 20th meeting.


  1. I can't wait till June 20th to hassle Jay, it just wouldn't be right! He found a cicada with one red eye and one dark eye - and claimed it is a cross between a 13 year cicada and a 17 year cicada! now you all know that story is just plain wrong!!! He better hope purgatory is a dry heat. in spite of this, I kinda like the guy! Buck

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