Friday, September 30, 2011

I hate to be caught stealing but sometimes someone else says it better.  Bob Korpella (MN Class 2011) writes which always has interesting stories in its Nature section.  He has done it again with the two stories below.

The blog Nanoparticles in Trout Brains discusses some disturbing findings on the anatomic changes in trout fed nano particles like titanium oxide which is found in whitening agent found in paints, toothpaste, detergents.  Researchers found vacuoles (small holes) in the rainbow trout’s brains after these particles.  While the effects are unknown, I can't imagine anything good coming from it, unless it helps them distinguish between real and artificial flies.

A second story discusses why Gypsy Moth caterpillars climb high up on a tree to die from a viral infection.  Ordinarily they climb down the trees a night as protection from predators.  What causes this strange behavior?  Sorry, you will have to read his article.

The latest news on his nature page is always displayed in the lower corner of our blog page.

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