Thursday, November 24, 2011

Whooping Cranes

Adult and juvenile- Click to enlarge
Jeff Cantrell sent us these pictures of Whooping Cranes, taken by Becky Wylie along Shoal Creek in Neosho.  The youngster is banded and even has an antennae and transmitter.  In Jeff's words:
"Two whooping cranes took a “lay-over” less than a mile north of Neosho this early morning with Canada geese for traveling companions.  An adult and its young foraged along the crop field north of Neosho with little care to truck traffic on the highway or geese and crows sharing the field."
As usual, Bob Korpella of our latest Master Naturalist class has beaten me to this story.  Read more at his
For a story on efforts to raise and breed whooping cranes, see


  1. Did you know that the rusty brown on whooping crane comes from their habit of preening themselves with mud? When they molt , they get fresh white feathers to muddy again. Just after molting , you will see brown and white patterns. ...or so it was told to me. Or was that sandhill cranes?