Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Hibernating Bear Cubs

Measuring Baby Bear- RMR
We have reported on the Missouri Department of Conservation's bear tagging study several times.  This report from Canada is both amusing and full of "ahhhh" moments usually reserved for seeing your first grand baby.  They set about locating collared bears, measuring them and their cubs and changing their collar batteries.  Without any internet hot spots, presumably the collars only send signals.  I promise you will enjoy this cold but heart warming video.

It doesn't get cold enough for long enough for Missouri bears to enter hibernation.  They spend the winter like a lot of us senior citizens- waking up at night and going for a snack or a bathroom break.  Since MDC hasn't found anyone willing to change the battery of an awake bear, the bear collar lasts one year and then automatically drops off where it can be located and retrieved.  More on the Missouri studies by Mississippi State is at fwrc.msstate.edu.

And for the same Canadian commentator's view on carbon emissions, try this site.

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