Saturday, August 25, 2012

Mystery Critter

Several of these flew to our deck light last night, a common behavior for this species which is found around water.  They have pectinate antennae and their mouth parts may be a clue.

The adults live a week, mainly to breed although they may take in plant juices.  Their larvae live a year, possibly longer.

Their  common name  combines two words, neither of which describes this family of animals.

Put your guess in the comment box and look for the answer next week.


  1. Stonefly.

    Kevin Firth

  2. It was awesome to read this research on these great creatures...I love to know about them more and more...thanks for the valuable knowledge in this regard..


  3. Leave it to Kevin to recognize a stone fly from the face alone. Next time I will have to post just a segment of the antennae!