Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Big Mosquito Year

Many people have commented that it is a bad summer for mosquitoes.  Actually it is a good year for them, a fact blessed by an Associated Press article.  We already knew this but now we know why.
"Two years of drought were followed by incredibly heavy rain this year. During dry spells, mosquito eggs often didn't get wet enough to hatch. This year's rain revived those, along with the normal 2013 batch."
The good news is that the drought gave us two years of fewer mosquitoes.  Cycles like this are the norm - just consider the fluxes in rabbit populations.  Over all, the average population numbers average out.  That probably isn't much comfort while you are busy swatting mosquitoes, or rabbits.

In further bad news, the current climate change will likely produce future bumper mosquito crops.  They thrive in the warm and humid conditions that are predicted for the next few decades.  Like deer and other wild things, they are learning how to get along with humans.  It should come a no surprise that some are developing a genetic resistance to DEET.  Given enough time, they may even learn to love it.  Ouch! And itch.

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