Sunday, August 31, 2014

Volcano Cam

Iceland Volcano Blasts Back to Life
Photo - University of Iceland, Armann Hoskuldsson
This is not what you expect on a Missouri Master Naturalist page, but a few of you have asked about our recent trip to Iceland.  This question runs the risk of forcing a 30 minute presentation on you.  You can relax for now.

Bardabunga volcano has been in the news the last few days for an eruption that is occurring essentially under its crowning glacier, creating the risk of flooding from the melting glacier.  Then today, it burst out of its icy sheath, thus far not a massive eruption but colorful none the less.  Live Science describes it spewing forth lava nearly 200 feet (60 meters) into the air.

This is located in the south central part of the country, not where we went nor is it a roadside sight.  Because of the volcanic studies that are ongoing in Iceland, we have a lot more information on this active volcano.  They haven't so far developed a way for you to feel the heat on your computer, but you can watch it 24 hours a day at here or from closer up at this link.

Lots more details are at Live Science.

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