Monday, November 24, 2014

Mapping Carbon Dioxide

A recent posting on began with, "While most of us—and virtually all climate scientists—won’t deny that the carbon emissions driving climate change are real, they’re still abstract." Atmospheric carbon isn't something you can see or hold and as a non-point pollutant it is impossible to trace where it goes. Or is it? has posted this this 3 minute video of a supercomputer model of data which gives a vivid demonstration of both CO2 and carbon monoxide pathways in the atmosphere.  As you might expect by thinking about where major population centers and industry are located, much of the CO2 is swirling above the northern hemispheres.  I found the seasonal variation especially interesting, showing the effect of carbon absorption by plants in the growing season.

Don't waste any further time reading this, just click on the video.  The billowing CO2 is both beautiful and disturbing.

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