Friday, April 3, 2015

Tooting Our Horn

Bob Korpella (center) represented the Springfield Plateau Master Naturalist Chapter at the March 20 Conservation Federation of Missouri (CFM) Awards Banquet. The chapter received CFM's Conservation Organization of the Year award. Also pictured are David Smith of Bass Pro Shops and Brandon Butler, the Executive Director of the Conservation Federation of Missouri. (Conservation Federation of Missouri photo)
For those who follow our blog, this is my chance to brag about our chapter. The Conservation Federation of Missouri annually recognizes an organization with its Conservation Organization of the Year award. This year it was awarded to our Springfield Plateau Chapter of the Missouri Master Naturalists.  Their proclamation is below and we are excited to share it with you.

Space limited the listing of the many other achievements of our members.  A more complete listing of achievements are found in this nomination form.  Congratulations to all the individual members for their contributions that that made this award possible.  And a special thanks to the Conservation Federation of Missouri for all their contributions to the state's conservation achievements.

Award Proclaimation
The Springfield Plateau Master Naturalist Chapter is part of the Missouri Master Naturalist Program, a community-based natural resource education and volunteer program of MDC and the University of Missouri Extension. The program’s purpose is to develop a corps of well-informed volunteers to provide services pertaining to natural resource management.
The volunteer efforts of the Springfield Plateau Chapter were numerous and diverse. A few of the chapter’s long list of activities in 2014 included:
-       Surveyed quail on several Missouri Department of Conservation prairies
-       Surveyed mushrooms at Springfield’s Valley Water Mill Park and noted several species that had not previously been recorded in Missouri
-       Monitored seven urban springs in Springfield for water quality
-       Conducted invasive species plant control at La Petite Gemme Prairie in Polk County, one of Missouri’s designated Natural Areas.
-       Restored riparian corridors along two of Springfield’s urban creeks – Fassnight and South creeks
-       Conducted education program for University of Missouri Extension’s early childhood day.
-       Developed a Bear Education Guide that were used at several educational events in southwest Missouri in association with the MDC’s Bear Education trunks
-       Developed a neighborhood Conservation Day event in Springfield's Center City area.
“The Springfield Plateau Chapter of Master Naturalists has demonstrated commitment to the natural resources of southwest Missouri in a number of ways,” said MDC Conservation Education Consultant Jay Barber. “Last year (2014) alone, they volunteered over 6,500 hours and cumulatively, since the chapter’s inception (2006), they have volunteered 38,200 hours.”

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