Thursday, May 26, 2016

Snowy Disco

Snowy Disco fungus - Mark Bower
There is a whole world below our feet that usually escapes our notice. Miles of mycelium can grow in a patch of soil or a rotting log, only occasionally showing itself in a flowering (fruiting) body to release its spores. Even then, the results may be microscopic.

Ball point pen pointer - Mark Bower
Mark Bower sent me these photographs of the tiny Snowy Disco, Lachnum virgineumThey are cup shaped initially and then flatten out, measuring 2mm across with a distinct stem.  They are saprophytic, growing on wood and rotting debris.  They occur year round.
Only 2mm across, less than 1/10".   Notice the hairy underside.- Mark Bower
Snowy Disco is a British common name.  In the US it goes by the catchy poetic title of "Stalked Hairy Fairy Cup”  Not much else is known about a lot of things going on around us.  That is the wonder of all of nature.

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