Monday, November 23, 2009

Some members of the 2009 Class of Master Naturalists hit the ground (or creek) running by forming a stream team to adopt 5 miles of upper Swan Creek in Christian County.  On November 11, 2009, they started with a cleanup. 

Merrill Dubach organized the team and reports the following:

"The creek itself is pristine.  It is nestled in a primarily gravel riparian zone in a forested and pasture flood plain.  One tributary was trashed and we cleaned it by collecting about 40 large trash bags, 14 tires, and about 200 pounds of fence, car body parts, and other metal objects.  We also walked about a mile of Swan Creek and picked up a trash.  In addition to meeting some fine folks who own the adjacent property, we have recruited a new stream team member.  Her name is  Mary Wigton and she wants to get into the next class of Master Naturalists."

The team included Jennifer Ailor, Rose and Dwayne Atchley, Merrill Dubach, Caryn Fox and Jim Trotter, Larry Maggard,Vicki Sears, Marlyss Simmons, Gala Solari, and Sherryl Walker.


  1. thanks for posting about our stream team clean up. we worked hard that day! it was worth the effort to get that mess cleaned up along the tributary. alot of the trash was VERY old, but there were also plenty of cans and plastic bottles to be picked up, too. everyone got out there and did what had to be done. i really enjoyed seeing merrill's place, it's amazing! thanks for the hospitality. looking forward to doing more for swan creek!

  2. We did work hard that day, but we have
    a group of real "go-getters" on our team!
    Swan Creek is lovely & we had ideal weather
    for our Veteran's Day activity. Ask Larry
    about the fish in this creek. The tributary
    we cleaned was really trashed - most of what
    we picked up came from a mere 300 ft section.

    Thanks to The Dubach Family for hosting
    the Clean-Up. A special thanks goes to
    Ginny Dubach for providing hospitality, morning coffee and coffee cake for us! A special thanks also goes to Rose & Dewayne Atchley for providing work gloves for the whole team & for hauling away all of our tires & scrap metal, to Merrill Dubach,
    Jim Trotter & Caryn Fox for hauling all
    the bags of trash & to Jennifer Ailor
    for recycling!

  3. Correction - most of what we picked up came from a mere 300 YARD section.