Monday, November 16, 2009

Springfield Plateau is Expanding

New and Improved

We will literally double the Springfield Plateau Chapter with the addition of the talented and enthusiastic new class. There are occupations from A (Attorney and Architects) to Z (Zoo Keeper). We have trained biologists, writers and Artist/Designers. We even a guy who bangs rocks. I am known for my napping, but my wife Barb points out that when Larry Maggard knaps he produces flint points- a very subtle difference in my mind.

The "old guys" and the new graduates need to get to know each other. Sharing interests and working together is what MN is all about. There are a lot of great capstones underway. Look over the Photo Directory and find who has an interest that fits with yours and contact them.

Staying in contact

Monthly meetings are the main way we get to know each other. Another new way is through the Blog. Email or call me or Bob Ranney with capstone progress, volunteer projects you have done, or any other news you want to convey. Photographs are particularly welcome.

Need help with a project? The Blog is a good way to get the word around the Chapter. Send it in and we will send it out.

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