Saturday, February 20, 2010

Horned Lark

Many of the followers of this blog outside of Springfield don't have access to the articles Francis Skalicky writes weekly for the News-Leader.  Francis is the Metro Media Specialist for Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC).  We have decided to share these stories in the blog to give wider access to all these great features.

Every Thursday, Francis Skalicky features a different story of interest and also highlights a different species.  This weeks species is the horned lark, the only "true" lark in the United States.  s.They favor open areas with short grass where they feed on grasshoppers and various insects as well as berries and seeds.  They are thought to have followed the bison, thriving on their closely grazed vegetation and wallows.  Now they are common around prairie dog towns, a diminishing habitat. 
There is much more about the horned lark at this site in the News-Leader.
Editor's Note.  Francis is shown in the top picture- the bottom is the lark.

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