Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Watershed Festival

Every year the our partners the James River Basin Partnership conducts Watershed Festivals for all the fifth graders in Christian, Stone, Barry, and Taney Counties.  Continual "waves" of kids come through small group classes on clean water and the environment.  Subjects include understanding the water cycle, pollution, and water conservation.  There are hands-on activities and it wraps up with a hilarious presentation by the Fishin' Magicians, who manage to pack in a lot more education on water issues in the Ozarks.  The Festivals will be going on through March 24th.
The Springfield Plateau Chapter of Master Naturalists had 23 members* participating, contributing a total of 375 hours.  You can't buy help like that!
* Matt Boehner, Karolyn Holdren, Jennifer Ailor, Doris Ewing, Bob Ranney, Dan Crane, Mort Shurtz, Vicki Sears, Kristen Riggs, Bob and Barb Kipfer, Kris Barth, Carl Haworth, Michael Baird, Barbara Bolton, Allan Keller, Kim Jarrell, Greg Johnson, Marlyss Simmons, Laura Ann Sanders, Sherryl Walker, Caryn Fox, and Gala Solari.

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