Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Master Naturalists at Work

What do you have when you put 1000 native shrubs, 700 native plants and a bunch of shovels together with the new grade school?  If you guessed mayhem or fun, you are correct.  Jay Barber and Mort Shurtz have been working over the last month with students and teachers on extensive plantings around Hickory Hills school.  The students are doing the planting after lots of adult shovel work, combining energy and enthusiasm in all kinds of weather.
This kind of program, supported by the Missouri Department of Conservation and Master Gardeners, helps teach the importance of native plants in our environment.  Students will get to see their efforts grow and can come back in future years to see the results.
While the kids may have learned about planting shrubs and conservation, our intrepid crew came out with a better understanding of Chaos Theory.

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