Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Orchids by GPS

The Missouri Native Plant Society (MoNPS) has formed a chapter in Springfield and are off to a good start.   Their President Larry Wegmann sent me these pictures from their trip to Pickle Spring in Southeast Missouri.  We have hiked the trail through the canyon in the winter, but Larry's trip was to find the elusive Isotria orchid.  They searched the area where they had previously found without results.  Finally one menber took out his GPS for a reading and saw them just in front of the unit!  (See below) Finding orchids by GPS- that is what I call a scientific method.
Earlier they had found the cluster of Southern Lady Slipper Orchids below at Hawn State Park.  If this type of adventure appeals to you, I would encourage you to try attending the MoNPS meetings.

MoNPS meets at 6 PM, the second Tuesday of the month at the Nature Center, although that may change in the future after the Botanical Center opens this fall.  Membership is free and all are welcome to attend.

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