Sunday, July 22, 2012

Luna Cocoon

Luna caterpillar spinning cocoon- Wikimedia
We have been collecting the Luna moth cocoons from the bags on our walnut trees.  Most of their brown cocoons are wrapped up in several leaves hanging from a branch but occasionally we find one laying out without the wrapping.  Sometimes holding them by the tip with a little pressure will cause them to twist about like they are trying to escape your grip.

I filmed a cocoon that was the Baryshnikov of cocoons.  When we laid it on a room temperature surface it started twisting around and continued its dance for over three minutes.  It produced its own accompanying rhythm like a tap dancer, clicking against the bottom of the cooler over the background kitchen sounds.  After finishing the filming I was concerned it would use all its stored energy.  After covering it with a tissue, it finally settled down for a well deserved rest.  See this video.

If you can make it to the Butterfly House, you will see lots of cats and may get to see other cocoons do the twist.  More information at Friends of the Garden.

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