Monday, March 15, 2010

Shrub Transfer Survivors

A group of Master Naturalists just survived the annual transfer of native shrubs for area schools.  This is traditionally scheduled on the most cold and blustery day of "Spring", and Jay really outdid himself this time.  Note the blue lips and frostbitten noses.
Shrubs are provided annually to area schools for outdoor classroom shrub gardens.  Students learn about native shrubs as well how to plant and care for them.  The gardens also create habitat for insects and birds, another opportunity to learn about nature. 
After 575 shrubs, the survivors gathered for a group picture.  The brave souls pictured below are not smiling- their teeth are chattering too much for that.  They include Buck Keagy (leaning on the shovel as usual), Carl Haworth, Jay Barber, Bob Ranney, Mort Shurtz, Nancy and Hammons Schanda, Pat and Darrel Blech, and Barbara and Bob Kipfer.
And, a big Master Naturalist congratulations for Jim Barber's induction to the National Honor Society.  Jay and Judy must had done something right as well.

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