Tuesday, March 23, 2010

White-Nose Syndrome Fungus

Lots more details and pictures are at http://tomvolkfungi.net/ if you click on the Geomyces destructans button.

Tom Volk’s Fungi is an academic web site with information on many advanced aspects of mycology.  Not all is heavy science and I, and maybe you, can lose a lot of time browsing it.  I will be posting his writings on Holiday Fungi as the seasons come around.  Robert Anderson describes the site in further detail in Natural History Magazine.  To quote him:
His entry for April of 2008, Profollias downhoki, is billed as the missing link between fungi and plants. Surprisingly, this fungus, the first known to photosynthesize, was discovered in the moist pouches of kangaroos. 
Volk himself is a direct beneficiary of a fungus: having had a heart transplant, he has been protected from rejection of the new organ by cyclosporine. That is an immunosuppressant derived from the from the Cordyceps subsessilis, which is the June 2006 fungus of the month.

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