Sunday, June 24, 2018

Swinging Spider

In our house on Bull Creek, cellar spiders are a daily presence.  They tend to hang out along the walls and windows, inconspicuous until you look closely at them.  They are also called vibrating spiders for a good reason.  Touch one or its web and you have instant entertainment as seen in this short video in our sink.

Resting after a long spin.  The body is only1/4" long
Cellar spiders are also called daddy long-legs spider and other related names.  They are often mistaken for harvestman species, which are a separate order of Opiliones.  Spiders have a separate cephalothorax (head+chest) and abdomen while harvestman combine the head, thorax and abdomen all in one package.


We have developed a "live and let live" relationship with our long-legged friends.  Before we get hate mail from Acrophobes United, let me explain their virtues. There is evidence that they can eat other spiders such as widows and recluses, populations that we want to keep in check.  They cause us no harm, we don't usually walk into their flimsy webs, and they can entertain guests with their acrobatic performances.

Today we just wanted to share their talents as swingers.  You can find more details in this 2015 blog.