Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Asian Carp Revisted

Detroit Free Press- Click to enlarge
Last October we discussed the Asian Carp threat in this blog.  It is now time for an update. 
There are a number of news stories like this one in the Los Angeles Times about the movement to develop a market for eating them.  
Flying Carp- Click to enlarge

In addition to the damage that they cause to native fish, they are famous for creating a hazard to boaters.  They jump frequently in response to outboard motors or even other boats.   In a Missouri River canoe and kayak race recently, a paddler dropped out of the race due to a head injury from a flying carp.

Some groups are taking more aggressive action, but probably none are having as much fun as is found at the Redneck Fishing Tournament.  This video shows the fine sport of catching the carp in the air as they jump in response to outboard motors.  A sport not for the faint of heart.